Pochette Maya

Pochette Maya
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The fabric of the pochette is added with silver ions and zinc pyrithione. This treatment avoids that different types of bacteria that can settle on the fabric are reduced by 99% in a maximum time of two hours. As proof of this, tests were carried out by different laboratories on fabrics treated with the same method to verify the effectiveness of the reduction of viruses on the surface (in accordance with ISO 18184: 2019). The tests were effected using a feline coronavirus which has structures and mechanisms similar to SARS-Cov2, and the results have been validated by demonstrating their effectiveness. This does not mean that they can say that the pochette has antiviral properties since a specific test should be performed to declare it; however, we can say that it is certainly a guarantee for the protection of the mask itself. In fact, if replaced in the pochette after its use, it would stay in an uncontaminated environment, as the treatment prevents the fabric from becoming a host surface for the spread of bacteria and viruses.


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